How To Build A Direct Mail List [SnailBlast Edition]

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There are two types of mailing in direct mail marketing that we focus on; EDDM or direct mail. When your campaign is better served by using direct mail (a mailing list), traditionally, you have to have curated a list on your own through existing customers or you purchase a list through a third party based on your targeted audience.

At SnailBlast, our goal is to make it as easy as possible to send a postcard anywhere – to anyone. We also realized that not everyone has a list of existing or potential customers and purchasing a list may not be in the budget (new business owners, can I get an amen🙌?!?) For these reasons, we have created a build your own list as part of our direct mail option.

We want you to feel confident using this option, so below is an overview of the service and how it works.

Location and List Type

We have created two main filters for you to begin building your list. The first is determining how you will narrow down your location. You can do this by selecting an area based on city, zip, or state. This type of list would be great if you are looking to send to a wider audience and their proximity to your organization or business isn’t critical.

You can also choose to narrow by a radius around a city or zip code. Using radius is beneficial when you provide a service or have a business that needs recipients to be within a reasonable distance.

There are five list types to choose from; consumer, business, new business, new movers, new homeowner. As with location, choosing the list type will depend on your target audience.

If you choose a consumer list type, you will have 38 additional filters to choose from; everything from age to outdoor enthusiast. Choose businesses list type and choose from 35 filters; everything from advertising expense to women-owned business.  

How to Use Additional Filters

Picture this, you own a construction company. You have identified a way to remodel bathrooms in a fast, cost-effective way, that keeps your costs low, while still providing a quality finished product for your clients. Your marketing up to this point has been word of mouth, however, in anticipation of growth, you want to hire three new employees.

Here’s where a direct mail marketing campaign comes in. You can use the additional filters to create a list that identifies consumers who live within your targeted area, who have children at home, live in an older home, have enough home equity available for a remodel, etc. Add on the fact that your postcard is on point and mailbox ready and you are set up for success. You know your postcards are getting delivered to only those who have a higher likelihood of needing your services than those that would not.

Check out the filters for Consumer lists!

Age, Animal Type, Arts-History, Beauty-Fashion, Children Present, Collectibles-Antiques, Cooking Preferences, Credit Card Holder Type, Donor, Family-Religion-Politics, Game Likes, Gender, Green Living, Health and Fitness, Hobby Interest, Home Built Year, Home Dwelling Type, Home Equity Available, Home Loan Value, Home Market Value, Home Owner or Renter, Home Purchase Date (YYYYMM), Household Estimated Income, Household Ranking, Investing-Finance, Length of Residency, Marital Status, Motor Vehicle Type, Movie-Music, Net Worth Code, Number of Bathrooms, Number of Bedrooms, Outdoor Enthusiast, Personal Improvement, Political Affiliation, Residential Occupant, Tech Product Like, Vehicles Owned Code.

We are confident that we can provide you the best all-in-one direct mailing service that provides you the ability to upload OR build your own list, tailored to your needs, at a reasonable price that includes a clean and validated list, printing & mailing of your postcards, and superior campaign tracking. But don’t just take our word for it. Go to and check it out for yourself. And remember, you don’t pay unless you mail!

Try SnailBlast today!

Build a campaign. Design or upload a postcard. Only pay if you mail it.

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