Choosing the right mailing service

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Are you having trouble deciding what mailing service to use for your upcoming direct mail campaign? There are a number of mailing services to choose from so it’s important to identify what services will really help you save time and money before making your decision. Let’s pause briefly to define a mailing service.

What is a mailing service?

We define a mailing service as an online service that you can use to create and mail out postcards on your behalf to your intended audience.

The alternatives to a mailing service are designing the postcard on your own or hiring a designer, hiring a printer to print each postcard after telling them the approved postcard size for the type of mailing, picking up postcards from the printer, self addressing each postcard, driving them to the post office (and hoping they are mailbox ready) and then crossing your fingers and toes, praying they all get delivered and the money (and time!) you spent was worth it.

Using a mailing service sounds a lot better, doesn’t it? Now that you know you want to use a mailing service, here’s are some things to look for.

What do most mailing services offer?

Every mailing service worth your time (and money) should offer the basics to make your direct mail campaign a success. Things like list validation ensure that you don’t waste money by mailing to bad or incorrect addresses. Clear instructions on how to format your list of recipients so that you know what fields you need in what order. Other basics that are important to have in your mailing service are data deduplication (removing duplicate addresses in your list), mailing guides to make sure your postcards are formatted correctly and support so that if you feel lost trying to get your campaign sent out, you can get the help you need.

What are some other features to consider?

If you really want to maximize your direct mail campaign, look for a site that goes beyond the basics. Additional services like EDDM mapping tools, a price calculator, so you can budget accordingly (no hidden fees!), design services (both do-it-yourself plus professional design services), and printing services can save you additional time and money.

What about after everything gets mailed?

Imagine that you could see when each postcard was delivered and follow up that delivery with a phone call or email. Every business owner or event coordinator knows the power of personal connection, so finding a service that can track your postcards to alert you when it is delivered will help you build that connection even stronger.

The SnailBlast Standard

At SnailBlast, we believe that at its core, a mailing service should exist to help you achieve your goals by providing an all-in-one direct mail solution from design to delivery. SnailBlast was created to raise the standard in mailing services by offering the Basics, the Extras, and the Icing on the Cake – all for a phenomenal price.

Check out SnailBlast standard today – and remember, you don’t pay unless you mail.

Try SnailBlast today!

Build a campaign. Design or upload a postcard. Only pay if you mail it.

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