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Mailing with SnailBlast is a game changer

Whether you choose to mail to a list or mail to an area, the end result is always the same: it’s so easy!

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Area Blast

Area Blast

Use our interactive mapping tool to mail your postcards anywhere. More info →

Direct Blast

Direct Blast

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What about the design? We make that easy too!

We’ll take your existing artwork or you can easily design your own postcards in minutes.

Upload a design

Have something you’ve already created? Simply upload your file, so you can print and mail it anywhere.

Hire a designer

No time or resources to produce your own design? Our team of designers are here to help you get your message out.

It's 2023... Why postcards?

That’s a good question! Here’s a few thoughts:

They get noticed (and felt)

Sending your message by mail nearly always ensures that your target audience will see it, feel it, and make a conscious decision to either store it (mentally or physically) or act on it.

Direct Mail Fact 1
Direct Mail Fact 2

Online marketing is crowded

Here’s a fun test. Consider how many ads you saw today when you were on your phone or laptop (hint: it was likely in the thousands). Now picture what was in your mailbox.

It used to be hard (not anymore)

SnailBlast is a game changer! We put everything under one roof, simplified the process (removed some junk) and came up with a solution that actually works for the modern day business.

Direct Mail Fact 3

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